“We exist to bring people together”

Lounge is an all-day, neighbourhood café bar business providing a ‘third space’ between work and home for customers to meet, chat, eat, drink and socialise. Best described as being ‘like all the comfort of home but better…unless you have a bar in your lounge and a chef’. They are a phenomenon that has grown rapidly from its Bristol beginnings to 118 Lounges as of January 2019.

Lounges are homely, relaxed and slightly eccentric, marrying the best of coffee shop culture, the British pub and the luxury of eating out. They offer quality, value-for-money, casual dining and drinking. As a result, they attract a diverse customer base including young professionals, mums, families, over 60s and students. The concept is informal, resulting in customers using ‘their Lounge’ to fulfil their different needs at different times of the day. A Lounge is their ‘home from home’.

You will find Lounge café/bars embedded within local communities from the bustling high streets in small towns, to the suburbs of larger towns and cities.  Breathing life into buildings that may sit unused or appearing in new developments, each Lounge celebrates the local quirks whilst retaining the culture and quality that make people #lovelounging. Where possible, the locality of the site is recognised and given a nod to its history.

Vital Statistics

  • A Lounge is a neighbourhood café bar combining elements of eating out, the British pub/bar and coffee shop culture
  • Every site has an all-day offer with the same menu served from 9am to 10pm
  • The sites are characterised by informal, quirky interiors with an emphasis on warmth and atmosphere, often described as a “home from home”
  • The brand aims to have hospitality and familiarity at its core driven by an “independent” culture and focus on the local community
  • As of January 2019, there were 118 Lounges in England and Wales
The outside of the Edmundo Lounge in the later afternoon.
A group of people sat in the window of Albero Lounge. Two women are enjoying their drinks, whilst three children are playing Connect 4 and colouring.
The outside of the Tarko Lounge during the day with tables and chairs outside.

The design of the Lounge is continually evolving and no two sites are the same. We celebrate the local and fit seamlessly within a bustling high street or a new development. Each Lounge has its own name and consumer research indicates that many customers don’t recognise that their Lounge is part of a 140-site business throughout England and Wales.

Lounges are immersed in their local community through staff engagement, events and charity, acting as a meeting point for local groups and clubs and re-invigorating local high streets.

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