Lounge Café Bars Donate £82,000 During Annual Charity Drive, LoungeAid.

Lounge Café Bars teams throughout England and Wales have raised a combined £81,983 for 152 charities as part of their  yearly fundraising campaign, LoungeAid.

During June, Lounge teams were challenged to support a local charity that is held dear to both their teams and local communities. Each team went above and beyond in their fundraising efforts, putting on some great events for their local communities to enjoy, all whilst raising extraordinary amounts of money for worthy charities.

Palacio Lounge raised over £8,000 for Teenage Cancer Trust by hosting bake sales, bar games, and organising a sponsored 120 mile walk from Tretho Lounge in St Ives to Armado Lounge in Plymouth. The team also raised a further £1,000 for Asthma and Lung UK, bringing their combined total to £9,448.

Another noteworthy effort came from the team at Circo Lounge, who raised £1,500 Amelia’s Rainbow, a charity that supports children battling cancer by providing them with joyful experiences. 

Morro Lounge also contributed £1,260 towards installing a defibrillator in their local community of Richmond, by undertaking a marathon 12-hour CPR session on simulation dummies, and a sponsored head shave for Assistant Manager, Bradley. 

Community Manager, Gemma Irwin said “At Loungers, we care deeply about making a difference, and that’s what sets us apart. It’s heartwarming to see us all coming together for causes which we’re so passionate about. “

Loungers sends congratulations to each team who contributed to LoungeAid’s success. In recognition of the efforts, the group awarded an additional £16,000 to the Lounges that went above and beyond in their fundraising efforts taking the groups total from £66,000 to £82,000 – a record for the group.