Our Cause

We exist to bring people together. We want everyone to feel comfortable and welcome at their local Lounge, Cosy Club or Brightside. Whether we’re welcoming friends, families, colleagues, or a couple on a first date, we want to develop loyal customers who spread the word and come back time and time again.

We are looking at what else we can do to build community spirit outside our four walls. We want to help those who need it most by raising money for charity, donating meals, and making connections in our local communities. We believe in doing the right thing by our customers, teams and communities, and we always have. Some companies have an ESG strategy – we just call it “The Good Stuff”. It’s what we are most proud of us and what makes us unique.



We bring joy to the communities we serve.

Our sites sit in the heart of communities all over the UK. We aim to offer a home from home where
everyone is welcome – from children to the elderly; people managing their budget to those looking for a
big night out; and where every race, religion, sexuality, and gender should find a safe space.


We deliver hospitality, sustainably.

We want to make the best possible use of nature’s resources, and keep our environmental footprint as
small as possible. This translates throughout our businesses, from our penchant for vintage furniture and art, our commitments to reducing our carbon footprint through supply chain and operations, and more.


We care about our people and are committed to doing the right thing.

Whether they are with us for a short time, or aiming to build a long career in hospitality, we want
our people to feel great about working for us. They set the tone in our café-bars restaurants, and they are
responsible for the quality of the food and drink that we serve – so it is our interest to take good care of
them and give them a great experience. Our independent, non-corporate culture allows us to do that
in our own way.


We are proud of what we put on the plate.

Every day, thousands of people choose to eat in one of our venues. When they pick up the menu,
there’s something on there for everyone, whether they’re avoiding meat, watching their weight,
managing a food allergy, or looking to try something new. Whatever they choose, we know that our
chefs will use good quality ingredients from trusted suppliers to create something delicious for them


We are working with our partners to raise standards.

Over the years, we have created a fantastic network of suppliers, many of whom have grown alongside
us. This mutual success is built on trust, cooperation and having a great working relationship – and we
are all invested in that continuing. So, as we seek to do more good in the world, we are looking at what
we can do together to make a difference