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Why Invest

Proven Roll-Out With Opportunity To Open At Least 600 Lounges Across The UK

More than 20 sites opened per annum for each of the last seven years across three brands delivering consistent 30% plus returns on capital.

Consistent, Resilient Industry Outperformance

Seven years of industry-leading LFL sales growth, with FY23 LFLs of +7.4% driven by the performance in both our mature estate and newer sites.

Three Distinct but complimentary brands

Our now three-brand approach, with Lounges, Cosy Clubs and Brightside, allows us to maximise our geographic and demographic reach. We can open Lounges in a broad range of smaller secondary locations in suburban high streets and market towns, as well as opening Cosy Clubs in larger market towns and city centres. The recent launch of the road-side restaurant chain, Brightside has scope to develop a truly national brand, with aims to be rolled out to all corners of the UK in the coming years.

All Day Offer At The Heart Of Our Success

Consistent operational delivery in a complex, all-day sector competing against coffee shops, sandwich shops, restaurants and pubs. Our broad menu spans all day parts, cuisines and categories – with a clear focus on quality and value.

Relentless Focus On Innovation

We respond to consumer demands and trends through a constantly adapting and evolving menu, driving sales growth and maximising brand appeal; not wedded to any one cuisine, so we’re able to move quickly.

Broad Appeal Across The UK

All ages, demographics and regions of the UK are catered for, especially in secondary towns, suburban high streets, coastal sites, retail/leisure parks (Lounges), larger towns and city centres (Cosy Club) and roadside locations (Brightside); and still plenty to go for across England, Wales and Scotland.

Investing In UK High Streets & People

Each new opening represents up to £1m investment into local high streets and the creation of 30 new jobs. Over 1,000 new roles are created every year through new openings and business evolution.

Founder-Led Management Team & An Incentivised Workforce

Long-established Senior Management Team with significant sector experience and proven track record of industry-leading results. Two of the three founders remain actively involved in the business with a clear focus on rewarding, incentivising and rewarding talent across the business.

Opportunities For Greater Centralisation

We’re investing more in operational support, procurement and supply chain, risk management and maintenance, recognising that we can do more centrally to ensure our site teams can focus solely on their customers and their own teams

Reports & Documents

Date Title Download
09/07/2024 FY24 Final Results Presentation
09/07/2024 FY24 Final Results Audio Presentation
30/11/2023 FY24 Half Year Results Audio Presentation
28/11/2023 FY24 Half Year Results Presentation
01/09/2023 Loungers plc Report and Accounts 16 April 2023
01/09/2023 Loungers plc TCFD Report 2023
13/07/2023 FY23 Final Results Audio Presentation
12/07/2023 FY23 Final Results Presentation
01/12/2022 FY23 Interim Results Presentation
01/12/2022 FY23 Interim Results Audio Presentation
25/08/2022 Loungers plc Report and Accounts 17 April 2022
14/07/2022 FY22 Final Results Presentation
14/07/2022 FY22 Final Results Audio Presentation
01/12/2021 FY22 Interim Results Presentation
01/12/2021 FY22 Interim Results Audio Presentation
13/08/2021 Loungers plc Report and Accounts 18 April 2021
21/07/2021 FY21 Final Results Presentation
21/07/2021 FY21 Final Results Audio Presentation
02/12/2020 FY21 Interim Results Presentation
02/12/2020 FY21 Interim Results Audio Presentation
24/09/2020 Loungers plc Report & Accounts 19 April 2020
16/09/2020 FY20 Final Results Presentation
16/09/2020 FY20 Final Results Audio Presentation
04/12/2019 FY20 Interim Results Presentation
06/12/2019 FY20 Interim Results Audio Presentation
23/09/2019 Lion/Jenga Topco Report & Accounts 21 April 2019
28/08/2019 FY19 Final Results Presentation
28/08/2019 FY19 Final Results Audio Presentation
02/05/2019 Loungers Analyst Meeting
02/05/2019 Loungers Analyst Meeting

Financial Calendar

Loungers PLC ordinary shares were admitted to trading on the AIM Market of the London Stock Exchange on 29 April 2019.

As soon as our forthcoming financial announcement dates are scheduled you will find them on this page.

12 July 2023 Full year results for the 52 weeks ended 16 April 2023
28 November 2023 Half year results for the 24 weeks ended 01 October 2023
9 July 2024 Full year results for the 53 weeks to 21 April 2024

Securities Information

The number of ordinary shares of 1 pence each in issue is 104,023,148

As at 18 June 2024, 39.7 per cent of the Ordinary Shares were not in public hands.

Significant Shareholdings
Name Ordinary Shares Held % of issued Ordinary Shares
Funds managed by Lion Capital LLP 26,728,524 25.7%
Slater Investments 10,818,617 10.4%
Alex Reilley 6,751,432 6.5%
Jacob Bishop 6,507,432 6.3%
BGF Investment Management 5,956,564 5.7%
Invesco Asset Management 5,188,954 5.0%
AXA Investment Managers GS Limited 4,482,486 4.3%
Gresham House Asset Management 4,042,489 3.9%
Martin Currie Investment Management 3,200,000 3.1%
M&G Investment Management Limited 3,144,971 3.0%

¹ Including 179,439 Ordinary Shares held by Link Trustees (Jersey).

² Robert Darwent is a partner in Lion Capital and is Lion Capital’s representative on the Board.

This information was last updated on 18 June 2024

Director Shareholdings
Name Ordinary Shares Held % of issued Ordinary Shares
Alex Reilley 6,751,432 6.51%
Nick Collins ¹ 956,276 0.92%
Gregor Grant 180,148 0.17%
Robert Darwent ² 26,728,524 25.74%
Nick Backhouse 13,903 0.01%
Adam Bellamy 24,012 0.02%
Jill Little 13,903 0.01%